Create, deploy, track, communicate, update & report

Gain control, compliance and the ability to better connect with your stores and customers.


Day-to-day maintenance issues can distract from store sales. With RMS, stores can notify headquarters of issues such as broken fixtures, missing hardware, or reorder supplies right through the software.


With RMS, you can optimize your merchandising with intelligence by providing your stores with a holistic view of their displays. This software lets you visualize merchandising layouts with print and digital pop in a single view. Merchandising allocations can be done either through a 3rd party application or directly through RMS. When done you can view the set-up by SKU, label, score, product or price.


Plan, schedule and deploy digital content and menu boards without the need for 3rd party networks or media players. Right through the software, agencies pull an exact spec lists, so they know exactly what to build for each endpoint. Then once content has been deployed via RMS, stores can confirm their content or report any issues such as blank screens or stale campaigns.
360 degress of compliance
When your stores can see every angle of their exact floor-plan through a 360 view, they can easily and perfectly implement campaigns. With RMS all marketing materials are tracked to each store, marked when received and installed. With a picture based check list and reorder buttons, everyone should have what they need to execute perfectly. But if an item is missing, the store can inform headquarters immediately, all through the software.
Better with data
In today’s world, data makes all the difference. With RMS, you can generate store reports, compliance, store fixture and cost reports by store, state or region. With this real-time data you scope better and budget more accurately.
5 ways RMS manages your day-to-day


Create exact planograms for each store. This allows you to design, deploy and manage campaigns accurately.


Share important information with stores. Get your tasks, news, training and compliance complete.


Launch targeted in-store and digital campaigns. Be relevant and build great one on one relationships with you customers.


Keep your stores running smoothly with audits and survey. Deal with store repairs and maintenance easily and quickly.


Generate store, compliance and cost reports by store, state or region. Data helps you scope and budget better.